A Resource Toolkit for Job Seekers with Disabilities

The coronavirus pandemic has presented unique career-related circumstances to navigate, making the process of finding and keeping a job that much more challenging.

That said, there’s still hope for all of us!


Here is a library of resources, tips, and support to get you started:


4 Resources on Getting Started

Free Online Job Aptitude Tests

Writing the Perfect Resume for a Job Seeker with Disabilities

Employees' Practical Guide to Requesting & Negotiating Reasonable Accommodation

Protections Against Employment Discrimination


5 Resources on Navigating Job Opportunities

Where to Search and How to Apply for Jobs Online

Get Assistance With Your Job Search

At-Home Work for People with Disabilities and Special Needs

27 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism

5 Great Companies That Employ Adults With Special Needs


5 Resources on Nailing the Job Interview

Interview Confidence for Workers with Disabilities

Disability Disclosure and Interviewing Techniques for Persons with Disabilities

Selling Your Soft Skills During an Interview

8 Interview Questions for Job Seekers to Ask About COVID-19

Handling Disability Disclosure When Applying For Work


6 Resources on Making Your New Job a Success

12 Time Management Apps to Organize Your Life and Keep You on Track

10 Tips to Help Reduce Distractions and Increase Your Focus

How to Design a Home Office to Fit Your Lifestyle

9 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress at Work

How to Practice Basic Meditation for Stress Management

How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance So You Don’t Burn Out

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