Community Development Services

Our Community Development Services program (CDS), a DDA-funded program, provides individualized service supports for program participants to be involved in integrated community settings. Provided in a community setting with non-disabled individuals, such services are provided in order to create meaningful opportunities for community-based training activities while improving upon communication and social skills, quality of health, and employability.

This program, designed to train and enhance competencies needed to help the individuals we support to become independent and successful, allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to familiarize themselves with and accomplish basic community-based tasks. An Individual Plan is developed focusing on the participant’s strengths, needs, goals, and desires, helping individuals become comfortably active in their community. A program participant receives support up to five (5) days per week, six (6) hours per day and 220 days per year. 

For more information, please call 301.249.0206.