Bee Bowl Services


Due to a phenomenon known as “colony collapse disorder,” the future of bee populations is uncertain and specific species of honeybees are becoming endangered. Scientists, geologists, and entomologists all over the world are extremely worried about the impact this would have in agriculture and the resulting vulnerability of pollination and related crop growth around the world. Consequently, catching endangered bee species in order to perform monitoring and research has become critical to our global economy and food supply.

This type of entomological research requires specific tools for its success—tools including the curiously named “bee bowls.” What is a bee bowl? A bee bowl, or bee trap, is a small plastic soufflé cup fastidiously painted a florescent blue, yellow or white, which helps it to attract bees, the first step needed when collecting bees for research.

Back in 2012, Sam Droege, a biologist and conservation ecologist from the U.S. Geological Survey at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center who originated the “bee bowl,” needed a quicker way to create or acquire these instruments. Through a chance encounter, Droege learned of New Horizons’ capabilities and became a referral source for the painting and distribution of these much-needed bee traps in his industry.

This relationship he provided within the entomological industry has now seen the fulfillment of thousands per year of these tools, with New Horizons being the only organization that provides prepainted bee bowls. We now paint and ship bee bowls all around the U.S. and globally to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

New Horizons is very proud of our partnership with Sam Droege and his researchers, as well as the ecological and environmental impact our work has had around the world.

For more information or to order bee bowls, please call Cynthia Swift-King at 301.851.5212